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Change Google Play Region US, UK, Germany, Japan or Anything

Recently, when I was trying to find Pokémon Go on my Samsung S3 in my Google Play region I ended up finding just gameplay guides. Later on, I came to know that it has not been released in India.

So I decided I will find a way to safely download it from the google-play-store in India. In this article, you will see how to change your Google Play region and how to install region specific apps like Pokémon Go on your Android phone.


  • Couldn’t find an app in google play store like Pokémon go, Pandora, Spotify.
  • Received a message like “This Item is Not Available in Your Country “
  • Received a message like “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” Even when your device meets the minimum requirements.

Then this means that particular app is not available in the region for which your Google Play is configured.


Cause 1

Google Play has incorrectly identified your region. This is possible if you have recently shifted to a new place or you had bought your device in a different region.

Cause 2

The other cause can be when Google plays identified your region correctly, but the app that you are trying to access is not available in your region.

But no problem friends, we have a solution for both of the scenarios.

Solution for Cause 1

On your PC
  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your google play store account.
  3. Add location and payment method (If no payment method present)
    1. Select the region for which you want to configure your google play account.
    2. Fill all the appropriate information like your name, address, town, pin, state, and your mobile number.
    3. Also, add a payment method  belonging to the  new region.
    4. Click on accept and create.
  4. Change Address and Location Information
    1. Click on the settings icon.
    2. Over here the country should be the one for which you want to activate your google play region.
    3. To change this country click on the edit button
    4. In the address section, click on edit and fill all the details of your new address.
    5. Click on save.
  5. Change Payment Information
    1. Click on the payments method button.
    2. Remove payment methods belonging to your previous region.
    3. Add new payment methods of your current region.
On your Android Device
  1. Open All Apps in Application Manager
    1. Bringing down the notifications panel.
    2. Go to settings by clicking on the gear icon.
    3. Look for application manager.
    4. Tap on application manager.
    5. Keep swiping  to the right side until all apps are selected.
  2. Clear data and cache Google Play Services
    1. Scroll down to find application google play services tap on it.
    2. Under this app info section if you can clear the data, then click on clear data.
    3. Click on clear cache.
    4. Go back to the application list by clicking on the arrow above.
  3. Clear data and cache Google Play Store
    1. Tap on google play store.
    2. Tap on clear cache and clear data.
  4. After doing this process, reboot the phone.
  5. And then wait for 24 hrs for your play store region to get updated.

Cause 2

For scenario 2 you want to access games not available in your region in Google play. This can be achieved, but there are some prerequisites.

  1. Your android version is greater than or equal to the minimum version supported by the app.
  2. You have no payment method configured with the google play account.
Solution for Cause 2
  1. Clear data and cache Google Play Services.
  2. Clear data and cache Google Play Store.
  3. Change IP Address using VPN.

There are several apps that provide a free VPN connection. I have identified four apps that are the best among all of them let’s look at them.

  1. Flash VPN
  2. Vypr VPN
  3. Orbot
  4. Fast & Secure VPN
Flash VPN


  • This the easiest to use among them.
  • No account required.


  • You can only access US Play store.
Connect Using Flash VPN
  1. Tap on this app flash VPN.
  2. Tap on continue.
  3. On this alert select I trust this application and click on ok.
  4. And now if you go to google play store it should now show you the US version.
Vypr VPN


  • The choice to connect from many locations.


  • Requires free SignUp.
  • Only can use 500 MB/month.
Connect using Vypr VPN
  1. Click on sign up for free.
  2. Enter your email address and a password.
  3. Click to create a free account.
  4. Verify your email address.
  5. Enter your credentials.
  6. Click on login.
  7. Click on this location icon.
  8. Select the country for which you want to access the google play store.
  9. Click on OK.

Now you can see any country version of the Google play store.



  • Based on Tor network.
  • Completely Free.
  • No data limitations.
  • Wide range of countries.


  • VPN in Experimental Stage.
  • More complicated interference.
Connect using Orbot
  1. Click on the drop down button.
  2. Select the country you wish to connect as.
  3. Long press on this icon to start the tor connection.
  4. Click on the ok.
  5. Wait for the bootstrap to complete 100%.
  6. Tap on this VPN button.
  7. Click activate in the warring message shown.
  8. Select the check box I trust this application.
  9. Click OK.

Now you  should be able to connect to the country specific version of the play store.

Fast Secure VPN


  • The choice to connect from many locations.
  • Easy Interface.


  • Requires free SignUp.
  • Limited country after the free trial expires.
Connect using Fast Secure VPN
  1. Click on this get started button.
  2. To create an account just type your email address and password.
  3. Tap on Signup.
  4. Tap on Sign and Enter your credentials to log in.
  5. Select the country for which you want the google play store.
  6. Click I trust, click on ok.

In the notification, you can see that it has successfully connected to the server.

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